8 Best Current and Latest Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends are often an inspiration of celebrity dressing or clothing styles represented in fashion shows. Let’s get over the latest fashion trends for clothing styles that you may love to adopt too!

Matching sets

A combination that blends in a turtleneck under a monochrome blazer, matching pants, chunky boots, and layered necklaces. The matching sets trend is widespread in all cultures. Some people wear them as eastern plain matching solids, while as a western attire comes up with similar pants and upper and a black or white innerwear that compliments the set colors.

Matching sets had been famous as loungewear and pajamas since in 2021. As of now matching sets are also becoming prevalent in social wearing’s.

Boiler Suits

A full suit that gives you a graceful look and even as of a legendary model. The one wear piece has been much seen this season. From black silky attires, to sleeping wear, denim styles, and now even sports wear. Comfortable boiler and body suits are much in trend.

These one-zip boiler suits, keep comfort and practicality, both high on the list.

Fantasy florals

Like the spring flowers, fantasy florals have long represented beauty, and the feminine side of nature. The strong association between natural femininity and floral motifs can be traced since the last century in fashion.

In 2021, designers are no more interested in wilting roses; instead, we have more seen fantasy florals on sunny yellows, neon dresses, and raging hues of pink.

Puff sleeves

The puff sleeve trend had cracked the fashion veneer since 2018, bringing back the ’80s references raved the runway. Fast-forwarded to 2021, the supersize sleeve is now more popular than ever.

Balloon styled sleeves on sweaters at Fendi, perfectly puffed gowns at Rodarte, and billowing sleeves attached to pleated shirt dresses at McQueen, and double-breasted winter coats at JW Anderson. These are all remarkable puff-sleeves styled by these great designer outlets.


A contemporary fashion trend, Vests have long held an essential role for both practical purposes and as a part of suiting. However, vests had not been a standard part of women’s wear until the 1970s. Since then they have entered the mainstream as casual work attire.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, vests became fashionable for women under their basic attire. The vest is much iconic, and still very much in style in 2021, sold in bulk under the basics section with a wide range of colors. It is now even seen as the vest-centered ensemble being part of a three-piece suit.

Oversized pants

After a decade of the era of skinny pants, wide leg, loose, and oversized pants are now a new favorite. Giving comfort and grace with style is what every woman wants!

It rose high in 2021, when the light appeared at the end of the tunnel and saved us all from another year of wearing uncomfortably tight pants.

Let it be baggy pants, dress pants, denim jeans, or puddle pants, we see the oversized wide leg pants in all styles. Suitable to be worn at all places and events.

Note – you may not have to stick to just the oversized wide-leg jeans, loose-fitting slacks, and yoga pants are all having their time!

Bubblegum pink

The Bubblegum pink color trend was first spotted on the S/S 21 runways and that made the color pop up our wardrobes as the latest fashion set.

This was the color to invest in, much loved by top style celebrities, being around until late last year from clothes to homeware. The upcoming season is already signaling a new pink shade all around: the bubblegum pink.

Brighter than the soft, millennial color, it is bold, punchy, and vibrant. So precisely it is all what your wardrobe calls for. It’s a good bye from the neutral shades that have been ruling our closets since the past few seasons. So, are you ready to welcome this dose of fun into your wardrobes?

Disco ball

The sparky completely embellished ‘Disco ball’ fashion from the 70’s and 80’s is back in town. It had left a mark in the old movies and dance moves.

Full embellished bling tops and pants paired with plain inners or complimentary wears are now seen in every other party. You may see the sparking disco styles on clothes, shoes, and swimsuits as well.

Moreover, as the temperature gets cooler, so does the number of statement silvery styles for this season.

The category is rising high, with textures in the form of sequins and oversized metallic paillettes that shines even brighter when the sun’s out.