What is the best method for Buttocks augmentation?

buttocks augmentation

The number of people going for plastic surgery has grown a lot in the past few years. Countries with important figures are the United States followed by Brazil, and other European countries. Talking about the surgery itself, there are various types ranging from Rhinoplasty (nose modification), breast reduction or increase, Abdominoplasty, buttocks augmentation and others. Studies show that in the United States for example, the statistics has risen up to 86% in 2020, that is an addition of about 22% as compared to 2019.

There is a number of reasons behind this practice. It shows that the increase in buttocks is one of the most solicited plastic surgery, hence the number of people going for that is quiet important. There are different methods involved in this particular surgery. But we should not neglect the consequences.

Motivation for plastic surgery

Human being rapidly adopt new life trends. In order words, people mostly modify their body parts as a result of high social media influence.

Social media

Most of the current social media channels like Facebook or YouTube are full with advertisement of various types of aesthetic surgeries among which is that of increasing buttocks size. It has impact in people life. Therefore, this easily affects the believe that society has to push most women to opt for such practice.

Increased of income

There is an increase in income with multiple possibilities that result from improved entrepreneurship. Therefore, it makes it easy for everyone to afford their fancy wishes.

Celebrity Influence

Another reason for this is the common inspiration and fan’s wish to imitate their favorite celebrity. Few researches prove that nowadays the body image of many young people is in shape of their favorite celebrity. For example, about 80% of teenagers compare themselves to famous actors, musicians or any other sort of star. This sometimes creates in them a desire to do body modification to look alike them.

Other factors

Other factors that raise body surgery awareness are the prominent technological advancement in this field. With advancements, it somehow has lesser side effects. Hence, encourages more and more people to go for it fearlessly.

Buttocks augmentation

The buttocks augmentation surgery is an emerging act, and is very demanding in terms of skills. There are various methods depending on customer choice. Some of which are

  • 1. Butt lifts
  • 2. Augmentation with fat grafting
  • 3. Implants

According to American Society of Plastic surgeons (ASPS), the choice of any of the above methods also depends on

  • 1. Patient’s goal body shape
  • 2. Activity
  • 3. The amount of fat in the body in case of liposuction
  • 4. Skin quality and elasticity or the buttock shape and size

The surgery itself is a gluteal augmentation that improves the contour, shape and size of the butt.

Butt lift

Butt lift that is also known as the Brazilian butt lift is the most popular butt augmentation procedure in various countries. However, in the US, fat grafting is ranked the top most.

Fat Grafting procedure

Fat grafting is considered to be the most common and probably the best. It is safe, and gentle. Even though it requires the patients to be under perfect condition. This includes stable weight for a successful recovery. The method is done in the following steps.


It is the first step required in most medical surgeries. Thus it corresponds to an administration of intravenous sedation or general anesthesia for the patient. The importance of this method is the stability of the patient before and during surgery.


This corresponds to fat-removal on a given part of the body. Also known as Lipo, it is performed by doing a small incision after administration of diluted local anesthesia. A thin cannula is inserted through the incision. A surgical vacuum or syringe is used for suction of the fat out of a person’s body.

Fat Injection

It follows the step above. During this, the fat collected is processed to different zone of the buttocks through small injections all over it.


The results of buttock augmentation can be apprehended. However, the final result is properly seen a year after the surgery. This method is considered to be the best as it gives natural look and feel, even though the projection of the butt could decrease over the time.