Top most magnificent museums in the world

most magnificent museums

Museums reflect artifacts and special pieces from the past. They are a vital part of human civilization, they can preserve and display artistic, scientific, and cultural achievements by humans. There are numerous museums across the world with awe-inspiring and magnificent beauty and a unique collection of history. Let’s look over a list of the top most magnificent museums in the world.

Top most magnificent museums

British Museum, London, U.K

One of the world’s largest and old museums, which has a collection of over 8 million artifacts from across the world. This collection includes The Elgin Marbles, Lewis Chessmen, and Rosetta Stone.

Louvre Museum, Paris, France

The most famous and largest museum in the world, that has an impressive collection of more than 35,000 art pieces spanning from the historical era to the present time. The museum is located on a 12th-century fortress and has the world’s most famous exhibits like the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.

Smithsonian Institution, Washington. D.C

Another largest research complex museum in the world, the Smithsonian Institution has 19 museums, research centers, and galleries. It has a collection of 154 million objects that has exhibits ranging from the history of aviation to the natural world.

Vatican Museums, Vatican City

Vatican Museums are a series of galleries and museums that are located in Vatican City. They have a wide collection of religious relics and stunning artworks. The museum has many famous artworks, this includes Sistine Chapel and the well-known sculpture of Laocoön and His Sons.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, U.S

The world’s most extensive and diverse art museums in New York City. It has a collection of 2 million artworks across the world. The museum features various exhibits from European paintings to Egyptian artifacts.

National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico

The worlds largest and most frequently viewed museum in Mexico City. It has a collection of 600,000 artifacts. The National Museum exhibits the history and culture of the Mexican people.

State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

Another largest and most prestigious museums in the world. It has an extensive range of more than 3 million artifacts! These include ancient artifacts and contemporary art pieces. The exhibits range from work pieces of Rembrandt and even Egyptian mummies.

Museo del Prado, Mardid, Spain

A famous art museum in Madrid, Spain. It has a collection of more than 20,000 paintings, prints, and sculptures. The art work includes works by the world’s famous artists like El Greco, Francisco de Goya, and Diego Velázquez.

National Museum of China, Beijing, China

The largest museum in China with a collection of 1.4 million objects. It exhibits and showcases the history and culture of China. These include artifacts from ancient pottery to contemporary art.

The top most magnificent museums in the world are not only places of knowledge, but they also showcase the soul of different civilizations.