The 5 Most Famous Historical Monuments in The World

Famous Historical Monuments - 2

Advancements and emergence in technology, digital gadgets, and emerging inventions have made our lives easy and confined to them. However, when we step back in time, we can look back at many old historic buildings. Here are the top old historic buildings and the most Famous Historical Monuments from the past.

Tikal, Guatemala

A mixture of stunning monuments in the form of shrines, palaces, game courts, residences, and roads.

It lies within the vast plain of Tikal National Park. It is touted as an amazing example of the human and artistic intellect of the Mayan civilization which was populated here from 300 to 850 BC. This historic figure is a UNESCO world heritage site and stands in Guatemala’s El Peten province.

Machu Picchu

The monument stands at an altitude of around 2,500 meters above sea level. This ancient Inca city in Peru boasts a gorgeous location in the middle of a tropical forest. It was constructed during the 15th century.

Machu Picchu’s outstanding structures including La Ciudadela throw light on the Inca Empire’s complex yet refined historic architecture buildings.

Petra, jordan

Petra is one of the world’s most amazing historical sites. It came up in the early 312 BC, the monument is prominent because of its intricate rock-cut architectural marvel. The city lies on the scenic Mount Hor’s slopes in Ma’an. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Moreover, it is also famous as the Rose Red City due to the color of the rocks it has. The city of Petra is carved out of them.

The history behind it is that it was once the center of the Nabataean kingdom till AD 106 when the Roman Empire came into power. The must-visit areas under it include Hadrien Gate, Byzantine Church, El Dier – the Monastery, the Great Temple, and Rock-cut sandstone tombs.

The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

The Colosseum in Rome is the world’s largest amphitheater. It has been built for more than 2000 years. It first opened in AD 80. The huge structure is 190 meters long and 150 meters wide. It has 80 arches entrances and a capacity of up to 74,000 spectators.

It shows an amazing depiction of ancient Roman architecture. However, it also reflects the region’s turbulent past.

Easter Island

Exotic beaches, mysterious charm, Polynesian culture influence, and most importantly, thousands of monumental statues like the Moai are scattered across the region. All these make the island extremely beautiful.

These statues were masterpieces of the Rapa Nui people, back in the 12th century. These structures are unique and have different size variants. For example comes in fat, slender, small, and tattooed shapes. The island lies more than 3500 kilometers away from the west coast of Chile.