The Top 5 Most Realistic Paintings in the World

Most Realistic Paintings

A real artistic talent defines the ability of the artist to portray on canvas the things you see or imagine in mind. Painting has been one of the most popular forms of visual art. One of the best ways to express your imagination and emotions. However, there is always a fine line between art and reality, but hyperrealism literally blurs this line. This enables making the most realistic painting of the world to appear like photographs or real life objects! Let’s have a look at the most realistic paintings in the world.

Mona Lisa the Design of a Smile

Leng Jun’s is a Chinese contemporary artist and one of the most popular artists who gained global recognition in the 1990s with many of his works that revolved around societal issues and critical themes. His oil painting make him stand out of all others.

The modern rendition of Mona Lisa by him stands out from all his paintings as it shows hyperrealism at its best! He has painted a Chinese girl in light green woolen top. The intricate details of the woven piece even shows the wool strands! Overall the paintings stands out as one of the most realistic painting till date.

A wave of refreshment

Jason de Graaf is famous for making a variety of the most realistic painting of all times. His paintings and models entail water as his typical motive in most of his art work. The talented artist makes use of assorted liquids.

One of his famous paintings, names ‘A wave of refreshment’ shows water splashing from a glass with slices of oranges inside the water. The painter portrays the actual definition of talent and art. The image more resembles a professionally taken photograph in portrait mode than a painting.

Candy oil paintings

Robert Bernardi is another popular artist from Todi, Italy. He has many years of experience as a painter. In 1994, he had his first solo exhibition, that marked the beginning of his career as a solo painter. Robert’s art work explore the magnificence of everyday life things through reflections and transparencies in still-life paintings.

He is famous for the use of common subjects like kitchen tools, utensils, and candies in his work. One of his most realistic painting is the candy oil painting by him. In which he has shown different types of colorful candies places in simple kitchen transparent container boxes with multi-color lids. The simple demonstration has a shiny glossy base and a dark background that makes it stand out even more.

Everybody Gets Tempted Sometime

Tom Martin makes super-realistic paintings of food items, and random things for what I had for breakfast this morning. He is an English painter who gets his art work inspiration from basics in his everyday life. Most of his paintings have been about food; only one is about a girl. You may see his mouth-watering paintings on Tom Martin’s official website.

One of his famous paintings of chocolate packets stands out as one of the most realistic paintings of the world. It portrays packets of famous chocolate brands like galaxy, dairy milk, and Maltesers. Twisted and turned up down packets look no less than a food image by a professional photographer.

Sin Título 4 (Pedro Campos)

The amazing soft drinks painting by the Spanish artist Pedro Campos is another masterpiece of hyperrealism. It’s so realistic that you may actually try to grab out one of the cans, and may may break your screen in the process. You can see more works by Pedro Campos’ on his official website.