5 Best TV shows on Amazon Prime Video

best tv shows

Amazon Prime Video is one of the best streaming services for high-quality videos. It shows a variety of shows ranging from dramas, comedy and animated series, sitcoms, and even documentaries. Providing you with a full packet of entertainment. Let’s scroll through the best TV shows to add to your favorites list that you can find on Amazon Prime Video.

The 5 Best TV shows

The Legend of Vox Machina

Those interested in Dragons and game Dungeons would love this show. The Legend of Vox Machina is an adult fantasy anime series. It is based on a D&D web series played by a group of friends and voice actors. The scripted animated series became very popular and almost broke the record of Kickstarter who initially funded for the project. The niche is of adult animated comedy and has a bit of nudity and indecent language along with some legit adventure.

The Rig

The first Scottish production by Prime Video. The story revolves around a supernatural mystery about the group of people of an ocean oil rig beside the Scottish coast where people get stuck due to unpleasant weather conditions. The crew experiences unnatural forces in the battle to find their way to home.

A show featuring familiar faces, like the stars Iain Glen from Game of Thrones’, Emily Hampshire from 12 Monkeys, Schitt’s Creek, Martin Compston from Line of Duty, and Owen Teale from Game of Thrones’ Ser Allister Thorne has got tension, paranoia, and a very clear preview that climate changes are real!

Three Pines

The story of detectives resolving small town mysteries by Alfred Molina. Three pines brings back to life a Chief Inspector Detective Armand Gamache. He had been living in a small town in Quebec and trying to investigate about a not much liked diva in the town who gets electrocuted while she was watching a curling match.

Covert Affairs

A adorably crafted spy series by Matt Corman and Chris Ord stares Piper Perabo who comes up as a CIA’s latest, wide-eyed, and eager rookie.

Covert affairs is a thrilling series that blends well emotions and action. A blind military veteran and tech operative August Anderson (Auggie) supports Perabo Walker in the show. Christopher Gorham plays this role, who comes up as a work colleague and becomes a lover in the five seasons. Other Co-stars are Kari Matchett (Leverage) and Peter Gallagher, that make Covert Affairs growth high in both characters and storylines.


Started in 2021 and still an ongoing series is based on a vicious humor book written by Robert Kirkman. It is an exciting, wild, but also vulgar adult animated show.

Featuring a 17 year old character Mark Grayson (Steven Yuen), who is the son of World’s most mighty protector Omni-Man (J.K Simmons). The series show his struggles to control his newly acquired super powers.

The impressive graphics of the eight shirt episodes of the first season, shows how Mark explores to prove himself as a hero and side by side going through teen angst and a heartbreak.