Top 5 Most Horror Movies on Netflix

Most Horror Movies

Looking forward for a chilly weekend night with dark room, popcorns in hand a silence around? All that best makes up the scene to watch a horror movie. You can find them with best streaming service through Netflix. Checkout this list for the top 5 most horror movies on Netflix.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things

The release of 2020, starring Jesse Plemons, Jessie Buckley, and Toni Collette, is a 2 hour 14 minutes movie. The terror starts of in the story when a woman who experiences misgivings regarding her boyfriend gets along him on a road trip with his family on a remote area.

Crimson Peak

The famous horror movie you can spend around 2 hours on, starres Jessica Chastian, Mia Wasikowska, and Tom Hiddleston. It revolves around the story of a young heiress who marries a strange British aristocrat. They then move into the aristocrat’s horrifying, crumbling ancestral house. She then finds about its sinister secrets.

The Conjuring

The blockbuster and one of the most horror movies can now be aired on Netflix in high quality. Conjuring was released in 2013, and is still a much watched horror movie. The main cast is Vera Farmiga, Lili Taylor, and Patrick Wilson. The story is about a family who experiences supernatural powers after moving to a farmhouse in Rhode island. They then seek help from famous paranormal investigators.

Creep 2

The 1 hour 20 minutes movie, Creep 2 was released in 2017. Its starring cast is Desiree Akhavan, Karan Soni, and Mark Duplass. The movie is about a video artist who finds a best matched character for one of his sensational artwork. However, later her dream subject reveals its insidious side.


The famous horror movie of 2014, where a husband’s gift to his wife turns to a creepy object. Annabelle is a 1 hour 40 minutes movie you can find on Netflix. It stares Ward Horton, Annabelle Wallis, and Tony Amendola. Watch it to see the horror events that happen in the house once they get the beautiful but rare doll Annabelle.

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