10 Must Have LADIES Bags Collection

LADIES Bags Collection

When it comes to ladies fashion, quality shoes and bags are a must. Ladies bags collections has a variety, not just a brand or color of a bag, it also refers to the different types of handbags a woman may carry. Let us scroll through a must have Ladies bags Collection, that every woman must hold as per their requirement.

LADIES Bags Collection

Shoulder Bag

The one used mostly by ladies, a shoulder bag is the most functional bag, that is the best for basic daily use. It is available for almost all brands inn various colors and styles. A must have for all adult women to keep their essentials.

Cross Body Bag

The style most loved by young ladies and suits casual dressing. cross body bags are mostly small in size and suitable for a quick outing to keep in just vitals like phone, keys or some cards.


A formal, elegant and sophisticated pieces, that is exclusive for events. Clutches are small in size and are often with beings and sparkles to go well with formal party outfits.

Accessories Bag

As like a make up bag, ladies often need to keep their jewelry and other accessories at one place. An accessory bag works here, as not a necessity but an exclusive as per their someone’s requirements.

Make up Bag

Make up bag is another essential requirement for girls and ladies to keep their daily make up products. The ones to carry along should be compact and small in size, while home keeping ones can be large to accommodate all makeup stuff.


The essential small space for cards, money, and other small stuff for daily use. These are a must to carry for any outdoor activity as they hold important things to process basic stuff.

Beach Bag

An exclusion from the basics, a beach bag is often a large cloth material bag that can easily hold beach stuff and can also be washed. It is often of a trendy style and more liked by young ladies.

Back Pack

The easiest to carry along for loads of stuff. A back pack is a light weight bag that can hold plenty of items and not weigh heavy. Most suited for college ladies and ones who need to carry more stuff.

Baby Bags

Baby bags are an exclusive for mothers of infants and toddlers. They should have proper pockets and sections to keep in baby belongings like wipes, diapers, and feeding bottles.

Laptop Bag

Laptop bags are an exclusive for university students and formal officials. They are used for women in meetings and office tours.

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