What are the Positive and Negative effects of plastic Surgery, impacting one life forever

plastic surgery

The trend of plastic surgery globally is a concern. It is an important source of income for many plastic surgeons and some stakeholders. The concept has gets the name “Zoom Boom” due to its rapid growth worldwide. Modifying a body part to look different and more attractive can be really good and even change someone’s life considerably. But there can be side effects that may impact a person’s life forever. Let’s go through the positive and negative effects of plastic surgery

Although many reports show that complications may occur in less than 1% of outpatient surgeries, these consequences should be taken seriously as they may badly effect a human being. The perception of neglecting the impact should be on the table, a review in support of this point reveals that about 65% of people regret their surgery. This means that it is a necessity to look closely at the consequences of these surgery.

Positive effects of plastic Surgery

Given below are relevant positive effects of plastic surgery in people’s life.

Appearance amelioration

The primary purpose of plastic surgery is to improve appearance. The outcome of this may somehow satisfy the individual. For example, a study done on female students in South Korea shows that it ameliorated their physical appearance. Most of these students who were involved in the survey express their desire to go for it to look good, and minimize the side effects.

Positive behavior

Many people lack self-reliance and consideration. At such, they do rely on plastic surgery to regain self-confidence, positive attitude and more assurance for their achievements.

Reconstruction of a damaged body part

Plastic surgery brings an amazing contribution to reconstruction of lost body parts due to cancer or any other infection. An appealing case is the breast augmentation that helps in restoring an areola damaged by cancer, hence it provides to the breast its original.

Negative effects of plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery help in gaining assurance but there are critical side-effects which need to be highlighted and reported. Some of these aspects include.


The postoperative care of plastic surgery is very delicate, as it is important to lower risk of infection. But still in many cases, complications may appear that lead to infections such as skin cellulitis.

Persistent bleeding

In some cases, mild bleeding occurs for pretty long time and may require blood transfusion or another surgery procedure for tissue reparation.

Abnormal scaring

Like any other form or surgery, plastic surgery can also leave scars. The excision of part on the face or breast for attractive appearance can give rise to scars as part of natural healing process. The consequence of this might be an unexpected result which people may not like.

Seroma (Fluid Formation)

This refers to accumulation of clear fluid under skin, particularly near the site of surgical incision. It usually happens after some form of reconstructive surgery, which may also lead to death. This explains why it can happen after a plastic surgery.

Unexpected reaction to anesthesia

We can avoid this sort of mishap through proper follow up of the patient requesting for aesthetic surgery. But that doesn’t really give a 100% assurance that everything will go on as we have planned. So, it is also an important aspect to consider this fact.

Nerve Damage

Every body part contains nerve which helps in irrigating and providing proper nutrient through blood. There is a possibility of damaging a nerve during surgery that leads to an uncontrollable situation.

The list of complications of plastic surgery is pretty long, so apart from the above affects one may also also have.

  • Pain or irritation
  • Skin redness
  • Poor circulation in the area of surgery
  • Blood clothing
  • Separation of incision site
  • Stigmatization
  • Unexpected surgery results

To stay abreast of the drawbacks of the procedure, do consider the most risky complications of plastic surgery.