What is the new viral fashion trend of Barbiecore?


Every other social media scroll these days shows up a well-noticed abundance of hot pink these days. Barbie has been sort of a feminine ideal with a 63-years old history. The revamped barbie comes up with many more dolls’ shapes, background colors, and styles. The new viral fashion trend of Barbiecore is back.

Hot pink is now the new black. Our childhood days Barbie trend is back in the cultural zeitgeist, Hot pink fashion is now as the current rage of this season. Numerous stars including Glenn Close, Billy Porter, Sebastian Stan, and Lizzo have stepped out with looks following the trend. Moreover, many Tiktokers have dubbed Barbiecore, and are well inspired by the iconic Mattel doll.

Fashion brands have been inspired and influenced by childhood dolls. This makes its comeback as a style muse in 2022.  The interest in the Barbiecore trend increases around the world. It emphasizes fun, with over-the-top looks that best suit a Barbie doll look.

Many high-end fashion brands including Versace and Prada have also incorporated hot pink designs into their collections. The trend is also well spreading to other fast fashion brands like H&M. Moreover, even departmental and stationery stores are coming up with Barbiecore-themed and colored products.

Online retailing searches for hot pink dresses have raised by 970%. Moreover searches for pink swimsuits have raised by 682% in the previous six months. Moreover the famous ‘I am a Barbie Girl’ has also came back into the spotlight. Being famous amongst all children and adults, you may see many little ones singing while the olders adding in caption ‘ Life in Plastic, Is Fantastic’, ‘Come on Barbie, Lets Go Party’.

The trend also shows up in birthday party themes. Many girls prefer their birthday themes in the Barbiecore color, themes, pony symbols, and all the bling in hot pink vibes.