5 best streaming platforms and the reasons that make them popular!

best streaming platforms

A streaming service will allow you to stream amazing content and that too without any cable or other hardware device. The best streaming platforms airs top rates programs for you based on user demand, and delivers you content with live streaming services.

Netflix and Hulu are two top rated giants as content streaming platforms. Let us go through the best streaming platforms in 2023 you should not miss watching on!

What are the 5 best streaming platforms?


Globally, the best-known streaming service, Netflix comes on number 1 in the Best On-Demand Streaming Services of 2023. It had been initiated since 25 years, but had undergone many changes.

The platform had faced many changes, especially price hikes as an effect of the pandemic. The changing user demands in those times had a huge impact on the success of Netflix.

It has a variety of various exclusive original movies, television shows, and seasons. The platform continues to offer one of the largest demand libraries in the market. It has more than 220 million subscribers across the world, that is higher than other streaming services.

Amazon Prime Video

The video streaming branch of worldwide online retail giant Amazon. Prime Video first came up in the video space in 2006. It had a video-downloading service that was called Amazon Unbox. Amazon Prime Video had been launched as a separate service in 2011, it makes original content like Hulu TV and Netflix.

It is included with Amazon Prime, that is a membership where Amazon customers can pay a regular fee to they get faster shipping, and get other benefits like access to Amazon’s music streaming service.

In 2021, Amazon had more than 200 million members across the world. You can use Amazon Prime Video as a standalone service or even purchase or rent content using a pay-per-title criteria.


Disney+ comes at number 3 as a Best On-Demand Streaming Services in 2023. Disney+ was launched in Canada, Netherlands, and the U.S. in November 2019 as the streaming service for the entertainment and media giant Disney. It had now been expanded to many more countries in Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

The platform is relatively young in the streaming industry, as compared to Netflix and other old streaming services. However, in the mid of 2022, it rose up to 221 million subscriber, that is even more than Netflix!

It holds a major role in the industry and features content from Disney studios like National Geographic, Marvel Studios and Pixar.

Hulu TV

Hulu was founded in 2007 by News Corporation and NBC Universal. It is now under The Walt Disney Company.

Initially, it had focused more on its over-the-top on-demand streaming service and been a cord-cutting rival for Netflix. However, as of today Hulu offers both live TV option and on-demand streaming, that makes viewers tune in to live channels that once only could only see using cable subscriptions.

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Another best streaming services with a very high user rating is HBO Max. The platform is owned by Warner Bros, and delivers combined content from the HBO Cable Channel and Warner Bros. It also offers many TV series and films.

The streaming service had faced cooperate turmoil, but still continues to serve as a strong brand name with high quality streaming of shows.