5 Most Fun Shows to Watch on Hulu TV

Most Fun Shows

A show can be rated as funny or horror based on the viewers’ choice. The streaming platform Hulu gives one of the best collections of Comedy TV shows, like FX and Comedy Central. The best comedy show is one that has realistic jokes and makes up a fun time with family. Let us go through the most fun shows to watch on Hulu TV even with your family.

Mr. Mayor (2021)

Neil Bremer has done it all – retired with a successful business, a happy family, and people who love him not just for his money. So, when he decides to run for the position of mayor in Los Angeles, he has no expectations of doing great. But the twist of the show Mr. Mayor is that he wins and that he has a lot of stepping up to do.

A successful retired businessman, Neil Bremer living happily with his family and people who adore him. The retired businessman decides to work as a Mayor in Los Angeles. The show portrays the twists and turns he experiences in his new post.

Alongside his family, it has a main character of his friend Arpi, a political veteran who has huge goals for the city. He along with his dedicated staff and a teenage daughter provides the mayor support to tackle his twists and turns.

Mr. Mayor is a recent comedy show you must watch with your family!

Black-ish (2014)

The show is about a new family in a town, The Johnsons. It features them as an upper-middle-class black family that is trying to adjust to living in a predominantly white neighborhood.

In addition to comedy, the show has an honest outlook and portrays various view points. Try watching this family favorite show on Hulu TV.

Fresh Off the Boat (2015)

Another show is about a Taiwanese family from the 90s, and how they adjust to a new reality. They lived far away from the comforts of D.C Chinatown which had been their home.

Fresh Off the Boat is about their struggles to adjust in the American culture, and learn more about themselves. Head over to Hulu Tv to watch their family adventures and experiences in their new home, Orlando, Florida and enjoy the family comedy.

Broad City

The series is about the friendship of two girls Abbi, and Ilana, and their journey throughout New York City. In the show, Abbi is a talented artist, and the two girls go on a road to discover themselves. they experience crazy adventures like staying in apartments, and weird subways. dining out at different restaurants, and using Tinder.

The show has short and fun filled episodes, where most of them would make you cry out laughing loud. Broad City has female leads that make it significantly more funny than it could be with men.

Bob’s Burgers (2011)

The show represents the character Bob Belcher that might have all the things for a perfect life. However, he and his family gets dysfunctional, and makes the show a comedy cartoon series.

The character successfully manages a hamburger restaurant along with his family. His dream business runs amazing unless some misfortunes which add as comedy scenes.

This show was aired on Hulu Tv in 2011 and is still one of the most fun shows loved by many people.