5 Most Expensive Shoes Brands in the World

most expensive shoes

A perfect blend with an amazing dress and to complete the grogeous look. Expensive and high-quality shoes are all every sophisticated lady and a gentlemen would want to complete their perfect look. A true fact that comes from Cinderella’s story and makes it evident how beautiful and new shoes can change a woman’s life. So, lets ponder over the list for the Most Expensive Shoes Brands in the world.

Christian Louboutin

A French luxury brand well known for its signature red-soled shoes, that are now a symbol of luxury and style. Christian Louboutin offers classic and cutting-edge styles working best for modern women. The Paris based brand has its most expensive shoe, the Highness Strass, that is covered in Swarovski crystals at a price of $3,095. Moreover the brand has glamorous handbags and high quality cosmetics, giving you more reasons to splash money on.

Jimmy Choo

The brand was found first in London in 1996 by a Malaysian designer Choo Yeang Keat, and is known for its stylish and luxurious shoes. A shoo of Jimmy Choo comes amongst the most expensive shoe lists, worn my celebs on the red carpet and glam nights.

The brand’s most expensive pair, the Diamond-Encrusted Stilettos, was priced at $3.8 million and was covered in 30 carats of diamonds!

Jimmy Choo has the most elite and loyal customer base, being worn by Princess Diana, Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, and many other renown celebrities. The brand has all types of shoe items ranging from sneakers to pumps, and even high heels, serving to people of all classes.

Manolo Blahnik

The brand was founded by a Spanish designer. who is famous for making elegant and comfortable shoes. The designer makes authentic, customized, and selective shoe pieces and has a firm belief that in the power of heels and hand-makes them with the same level of passion. Ruby Slippers are its most expensive shoes, adorned in diamonds and rubies with a price tag of $3 million. Manolo Blahnik is a top performer in the list of the most expensive shoes, with many of his creations showcased on red carpets.

Its famous Blixa alligator pumps feature a pointed toe and open vamp and are sold at a price of $4600 at Barneys, New York. The exotic material used for its shoes do justice with the price.

Louis Vuitton

A luxury fashion brand also offering amazing men wears. It is famous for its high-quality leather shoes and monogram print. The most expensive pair price as high for up to $10,000. Louis Vuitton creates shoes with soft leather lining, intricate stitching with hand-painted leather soles.

The brand straddles shoes for the super rich and the normal rich classes. The name itself needs no attention. It is one of the oldest and top luxury brands that are loved by billionaires across the world. The 150 years old brand is growing consistently, offering a variety of high quality leather products like belts, hand bags, and luggage bags in addition to top class shoes.


The Italian brand featuring products for the elite class, is well-known for its high quality leather bags and shoes. Gucci’s legendary loafers had been a substantial hit and much loved by millions of people across the world.

The brand straddles shoes for the super rich and the normal rich classes. Gucci’s Woven Leather Boot is one of a priced at $3,750and a recent release of last year the Sofia Etoile Shoes worth $1,195.00. The brand is known for bourgeois Renaissance, calling it eclectic, the shoes completely fit the brand’s Italian couture.