5 Most Loved Shopping Brands by Billionaires across the world

Most Loved Shopping Brands

The world has seen a great emergence in fashion trends with new fabrics in the clothing industry, and many more new styles in gadgets, jewelry and other products. Some brands have gained great fame over time and still stay amongst the global best sellers. The key to this perfection is quality, customer trust and selling trends. Let us look at the best and most loved shopping brands across the world.


The famous Italian brand has a total worth of around $5.5 billion. It was initially established in 1978 and is one of the most profitable brands of the world. Versace is well known for its vivid prints, cocktail and iconic gowns, and intrigued embellishments.

The brand offers a variety of products, from clothing to jewelry, and even home furnishings and furniture, showing its symbol in each of them.

Louis Vuitton

Famous for its iconic monogram print, and a favorite of many billionaires for its stylish and high-quality bags, and other leather goods. Louis Vuitton also offers a wide range of clothing, shoes, and accessories.


The French fashion hub famous for its timeless designs, that includes classic quilted handbags and elegant clothing. Billionaires all over the world appreciate the brand’s attention towards use of luxurious materials.


The Italian fashion brand more beloved by ladies for its sleek and sophisticated designs, that includes its popular nylon backpacks and leather handbags.

Most Loved Shopping Brands - prada

The brand also offers a range of clothing, shoes, and accessories with amazing style, design and colors. making it amongst the top 4 luxurious brands.


The brand was found and initiated in Italy, in 1921. Gucci is renowned for its stylish clothing, accessories, and shoes. It is a much loved brand by high-class people all over the world due to its bold and innovative designs, and its logo on iconic loafers, making it a top notch luxury shoes brand.