How to purchase a Netflix plan?

Netflix plans

Netflix subscriptions allows you to choose from three plans. Each plan offers its own package. You need to choose a plan and pay for the monthly subscription based on your plan to view the content provided by this video streaming service. In order to purchase the plan that suits your requirement, you need to do simple few steps.

Steps to Purchase Netflix plan

Step 1: Join Netflix

Visit the Netflix official site. enter your email address and click ‘Get started’. Then enter a password, and click Next.

It directs you to the plans page.

Step 2: Select Plan

You may now see details of Netflix plans, as shown in the image below.

There are namely three plans, basic, standard, and premium. each has its own characteristics. Choose the one that suits you best and click Next.

Step 3: Add Payment method

Add the mode you will use to pay for your Netflix monthly subscription based on the plan you chose. Enter your card details and click start membership. In order to add to your mobile bill, you will have to verify your mobile number first.

You can also add any Netflix vouchers or gift codes at this step to get offers.