What Are Your 7 Character Strengths that Show You Are Going to Be Successful?

character strengths

Success is something we all want to run behind. We may many times assume us to be like the successful and rich people we see in newspapers, internet or magazines. Have you ever wondered the character strengths and virtues of these people on front screens have? Successful people have special character strengths and virtues that make them shine on the front screens and influence people.


Speaking the truth; being genuine and authentic is one big quality of a successful person. This makes us stay upright and confident with all work and business dealings. An honest person has faith and belief in what they do, which compels them to reach their goals.

It is essential with colleagues, subordinates, customers, superiors, suppliers, other organizational stakeholders, and also the general public. Integrity and honesty creates trust. A work environment based on trust is a compulsion for organizational success. When leaders say it correct what they mean and in real mean what they say, flourishes organizational trust.

On the other hand, unfulfilled promises destroy trust, which when lost once, is extremely difficult to restore back. Furthermore, when leaders saying is not genuine, team effort may also become half-hearted, leading to slowed progress and failures.


highly successful people are mostly well organized. In fact, there are very less people who may throw their organization to the wind and can keep up with their daily activities. At such places, people should use technology for their advantage.

There are many apps that helps you organize work and things well. This may hardly take 10 minutes from your busy day, to use an email client that can help you keep all of your emails organized in a single place. There are many task management apps like Trello, Teamwork, or Asana that help keep your team on the same page. This helps manage your tasks well and keeps a record of tasks completed on time and your project on track.


The best leaders have always been able to keep their sense of optimism and positivity through every thick and thin.

This makes them believe in themselves, their organization, organizational structures, their mission, and everything they plan for. When other people plan to throw in the towel, the successful leaders roll up their sleeves not because they are harder workers, but because they believe that in the end they are always destined to succeed.

Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right,” This saying could not be more truer when it comes to the need for an optimistic attitude in business.


Resilience is the characteristic where things return to their original position after stress is applied on them. Highly successful people often have resilience.

Successful people, like another ordinary person, also has hard situations. These people have to manage such situations well and at times leave and deviate from their dreams to handle them well. In turn, they always find a way out of such situations, and recovers well from the fight and blow. This is the characteristic of a resilient person.

Another important characteristic of resilient people is that they do not get carried away easily by the tricks and sentiments of their minds. They know that their path can deviate, but that they can always go back to it.

These people also have a high degree of self-confidence and in what they do. This is fundamental to find enough strength to face the world.


One of the greatest factor in success. Grit is the ability to stick with something a persevere through every challenge. Many character strengths surveys have been done on what virtues helps people succeed. Grit outdoes intelligence, talent, intelligence, and support.

It does not matter which field, from spelling contest winners to athletes, to CEOs and Marines. Grit is the virtue that holds them all together. It is not just the ability that push them through obstacles, it is also one that makes them stick with something to see it through.

It is found that one key factors of Grit is that people who have it, tend to work even harder on things they find tough. They allow themselves to sit more in that uncomfortable space of not being good. Compared with the majority of people who like to reinforce things we already know how to do. People with Grit like taking challenges and stick to them unless they succeed.


To work hard, successful people know how to follow through it as well. Working hard without working till the end may lead to unfinished business and then ultimately unfulfilled dreams.

Successful people won’t stop until their job is all completed. They won’t give up or quit too soon. This makes a person miss the chances to win.


Highly successful people have very strong work ethics and are highly motivated. They have a strong understanding that determination is a key factor in life and business.

They never let setbacks get them down and by staying determined, with their “eyes on the prize,” they can really achieve higher levels of productivity and success in any field of choice.